How to check BVN on Airtel? | Simple Steps to Get Your Code

You are a user of Airtel. Right? That’s very good. But the question is how to check BVN on Airtel. No doubt, a lot of people in Nigeria use Airtel as a communication platform. But, you look interested to find out the method for checking BVN through this sim number. 

Well, you may need BVN urgently for any reason. So, getting this number through the USSD code is a quick method to follow and takes less time. Moreover, you can get this code through other networks too, like MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, Etisalat, and others. 


In this article, we are going to expose a quick method that will lead you to your BVN number through Airtel. So, get ready to have your BVN. 

How to check BVN on Airtel

The bank verification number is for your personal use and you get it at the time you open your bank account. The good news is the user can retrieve this number from any brand of phone. Moreover, you don’t need internet signals for the same purpose. 

Yeah, the USSD code for the BVN number performs on Symbian, JAVA, Android, Modem, iPhone, and other similar devices.

Check BVN on Airtel

Getting BVN on Airtel sim is also very simple and quick. You need to follow the simple steps below;

  • Dial *565*0# as the required USSD code and hit “check BVN.”
  • Put the required data in the next interface.

If You Are Looking More Detailed Guide to BVN Check Out: How to Check BVN

Congratulations! Your BVN will be available on your mobile screen.

Keep in mind, for the Nigerian client, this service is offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria. On the other hand, this service needs charges and is not free. 

BVN validity

Generally speaking, a bank verification number has no expiry date and once you get it, this number remains for a lifetime. This is because the database of account users gets enrolled in NIBSS. So, data remains the same. 

However, if your BVN is blacklisted you can not move out of the country, take loans, or have jobs. 

Benefits of using BVN

The Central Bank of Nigeria and South Africa offer bank verification numbers to its users for multiple reasons. Holding this number leaves the user with a lot of benefits. Moreover, a BVN details checker is available for them to access details. 

Below is the list of benefits that the BVN number offers. 

  • A bank verification number offers you an identity that makes you verified across all banks in Nigeria and South Africa. 
  • Your bank account remains safe from hackers and other third parties.
  • The chances of fraud get reduced as BVN is attached to your biometric data for security. 
  • A bank verification number is the smart way to detect blacklisted customers and keep them away from their system. 
  • This BVN is the source of identification across all Nigerian Banks.
  • Uneducated or illiterate people benefit from a bank verification number as this number is linked with their biometric details which bypasses the need for signature.
  • With one registration, a customer can have only one account. Therefore, the chances of having multiple accounts are reduced.
  • It simplifies the operating system of the bank and makes the process straightforward

All in all, you can say bank verification number is the part of advancement to make all data at your fingertips while ensuring security at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BVN number?

BVN or bank verification number is an 11 digit code that is unique for each individual. The Central Bank of Nigeria offers this code to all of its users to ensure security and data privacy. 

How can I check my BVN without my card?

You can check BVN without a card by dialing a simple code that is *565*0#. After dialing this code, you should follow the instructions. Simply, enter the required data and get your BVN within no time. 

Can I get a new BVN number?

A bank verification number or BVN is a unique code that you get once for an account. So, you can’t change this code as it is attached to your personal details for security. 

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the necessary discussion on how to check BVN on Airtel. Now, you know how to get a BVN number without the internet. Don’t worry! The steps discussed above are too simple and take less time. 

In addition, checking BVN on MTN, GLO, and other sim cards is also similar. Now, say goodbye to an internet connection and get a BVN number without going to the bank. 

Have you tried the method discussed above? 

Okay! We are glad that you have found out your BVN number through your phone number. Now, get details of what you want and tell us your feedback in the comment section.

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