How to check BVN on GLO? | Simple Steps on Your Finger Tips

The Central Bank of Nigeria has come up with a unique code which is BVN or bank verification number. Accessing this number is not difficult if you know the proper procedure. Apart from getting this number online, the user can have it offline. Therefore, they mostly search for how to check BVN on GLO. 

No doubt, other platforms also give access to this code including, Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile, and others. However, finding this number through different platforms is unique. Of course, the main steps are the same but some variations lie from system to system. 

Amazingly, the good news is that you can check the BVN date of birth. Collectively speaking, from online to offline, a lot of methods offer access to your BVN. 


Now, you do not need to worry about your information. Your bank verification number and associated details are at your fingertips. 

Get ready to have them.

How To Check BVN On GLO

Bank verification number: a glance

Almost all banks in Nigeria offer BVN. So, you should ignore the confusion as this number is associated with your biometric information. As a result, every user gets accurate data that once fed into the system. 

Yeah, everyone can have this code without distinction. 

Getting this number through the phone line is simple and quick. Regardless of your phone line, the service demands a decent amount of charges. As you pay the fee, the Bank verification number hits your screen. 

What is the code to check your BVN?

The official code to access bank verification numbers is unique and applies to all banks in Nigeria. Yeah, this code is *565*0#. 

Whatever the network you are using to have a BVN, the code is the same. Follow the below steps and have your BVN in front of your eyes.

Check BVN on the GLO network 

Getting BVN on the GLO line is too simple and quick. You must use the same number that is registered from Glo. Simple, make sure you have an account balance and follow the below steps;

  • Use your Glo mobile and dial *565*0#
  • Now, hit “1” and ensure BVN inquiry. 
  • In the next interface, add the last four digits of your bank account.
  • Again press “1” for the next interface.
  • As the process completes, you will see the BVN on the screen. 

Have you followed the above steps?


The screen of your phone shows your bank verification number. 

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Get BVN by SMS

Some people ask how to get a BVN by SMS. This question is of great interest. Simply, you can follow the above steps through the GLO network and receive your details by SMS. In addition, you can have this number with the help of other networks or banks. These include; Etisalat, MTN, 9Mobile, Polaris, Sterling, Stanbic, union, and other Nigerian banks. If You Are Looking for More details related Like What is BVN? Checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the BVN number?

BVN is an identity containing 11 digits. The Nigerian Banking Industry offers this number to all users regardless of bank. In fact, this number offers security to ensure a smooth transaction. 

Can I change my BVN phone number?

Yes, you can change your BVN phone number. You can visit the nearest branch of your bank. However, the BVN number can not be changed. Yet, details are easy to update. 

Can I have two BVN numbers?

BVN is a unique number that all Nigerian banks offer. So, no one can have two BVN numbers. Yes, your BVN number is linked with your biometric details. 

Final Words

At this point in the article, you know how to check BVN on GLO. Yeah, finding this number offline is not difficult. Simply, you have to put the code on your SIM network and get a number in front of your screen. The good news is you can find BVN without a phone number. 

Keep in mind, that getting BVN numbers offline needs some service charges. The best strategy is to keep the number safe for use in the future and save additional pennies. 

Now, we hope that getting BVN numbers without the internet has become easy for you. 

It’s time to drop feedback. 

Have you tried the steps discussed above? Have you got the BVN number from your phone? Tell us your response in the comments section and don’t forget to consult our discussion on how to check in on Stanbic Bank. 

Thank you! 

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