You are looking to have a bank account in Nigeria or South Africa. The idea is great. But, wait! Have you found out how to check BVN? Obviously, the need to get the answer to this question is important as BVN has conquered the status of the most important code in banking and finance. 

Keep in mind, that this code is truly sensitive and should not be shown to any irrelevant person. The importance of this number has emerged from a lot of relevant queries. Yes, people seem to be excited about collecting as much information as possible. 

How to check BVN?

Now, we have come up with a top query about how to get the bvn number. Let us start with the explanation of BVN. Simply, jump to the next section. 

What is BVN?

As a unique identification number, BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. Basically, the Central Bank of Nigeria issues this number to the current and expected users. 

You look curious to find out the need for this number. 

In fact, security is the main reason for biometric identification. As a result, the chances of fraud get reduced and smooth banking operations become possible. So, in the context of “what is a bvn number,” it leads to the verified and authentic bank user. Now, the question is how the identification became possible. 

Yeah, this unique BVN number is linked to the user’s biometric data including facial recognition and thumbprint. From these basic biometric markers, one can find the user’s date of birth, full name, and other personal details. 

Don’t be surprised! 

This data is collected during the BVN registration process in the required Bank of Nigeria or South Africa. 

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How To Check BVN Details Online

Learning how to check BVN details online is a hot point to discuss before exploring more. Of course, this method is crucial to access in the banking and finance sector. Now, get your BVN online with the help of the USSD code or BVN validation portal. 

Yeah, NIBBS offers a BVN validation portal to ensure a smooth process of validation. 

This straightforward system says to login and add your BVN number. Now, you must add your date of birth and other required information and hit research. 


You will get the BVN details after completing the nominal service charges. Alternatively, the user may prefer the USSD code for the same process. *565*0# is a code to get BVN and doesn’t need an internet connection.

You can dial the same code with the help of the same number used for the BVN portal.  

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How to get BVN number without going to bank?

Do you have a bank account? Well, you can check your BVN online with simple steps. The good news is the user can enjoy two different methods for the same purposes according to feasibility. 

Generally, these methods include;

  • Check BVN through the validation portal
  • Check BVN through USSD code

Keep in mind, that both these methods are simple to ensure feasibility to the customer. Let’s discuss both methods specifically. 

How to get bvn online through validation portal 

NIBBS portal provides the service of BVN validation. Of course, it is here to make the retrieval easy and smooth. The process of using this portal is straightforward with a quick interface. 

Well, the steps are below. 

  • As the very first step, you need to login to the NIBBS portal. 
  • In the next interface, you must hit BVN and add the same date of birth used while registering.
  •  Now, you can hit the search button. 
  • It’s time to pay the fee. So, the next interface will show you the different payment methods. You can pick the one most suitable for you to pay the N25 naira service charge. 
  • As you confirm the payment, the very next interface will ask your age. 
  • Later, you will get the specific bank verification number details. 

Have you followed all the methods? Congratulations! You have all done and got the details successfully. 

How to get BVN code using USSD

Using the USSD code is an easy method to access. Amazingly, it does not need any internet connection. However, this strategy is limited. So, you can dial code *565*0# and get the relevant details. 

Keep in mind that the user must use the same number to dial the code that is used for registration. Now, the question is how to check BVN on MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel.

No worries, the answer is simple. 

All the above methods use the same code, *565*0#. However, the steps are a bit different based on requirements. You can use that code to get your BVN using the same number you used for registration. 

Remember, you may charge some amount as a service fee but it would not be very high. Roughly speaking, the fee would be around N20. So, once found, you must keep the number safe to avoid charges again and again. 

If you have an account balance, you can pick this method. 

Keep in mind, for the Nigerian client, this service is offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria.  From the above methods, you must know that getting BVN on a mobile phone is simple and quick. Different mobile networks in Nigeria use the same code, *565*0#. These mobile networks include; MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and GLO. 

Yes, using the USSD code for BVN is the quickest and easiest method to approach. 

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Check BVN Without Airtime

Generally, you can’t check your bank verification number without Airtime. In fact, all the networks including, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile demand a fee of up to 20 Naira in order to give you BVN. Still, you don’t want to use Airtime? 

Well, you can use a mobile banking app for the same purpose.

How to check BVN on mobile banking app

Checking BVN through a mobile banking app is also very simple and easy. The steps include;

  • Open the mobile phone and launch your mobile banking app. 
  • You will see the option of “profile” or “account details.” Simply, hit it. 
  • The very next option is to select “BVN settings.”
  • Input the information asked in the next interface.

Keep in mind, that all the mobile apps belonging to different banks carry information in different locations. So, you can find one that belongs to your needs. 

Importance of BVN in Nigeria and South Africa

BVN aims to generate a centralized database to ensure the unique identification of the user among all the banks in Nigeria. The primary purpose of this identity is to control illegal activities including, financial fraud and theft. As a result, financial institutions ensure customer identity before providing their services. 

In this way, a very secure and reliable banking system supports its users. 

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Benefits of Having A BVN

The hot benefits of having a bank verification number include;

  • BVN makes bank transaction too simple and quick. 
  • The BVN holder can efficiently track all the transactions from accounts.
  • Your account remains protected from unauthorized approach with the help of a bank verification number. 

BVN for loan

Do you want to get a loan from a bank in Nigeria or South Africa? Okay, your BVN number stands again to support you. With this code, the process of getting a loan becomes simple. Yeah, currently all the Fintech setup demands BVN before giving you a loan.

Again, the reason is security. With this system, the bank can track the defaulters easily to ensure convenient service for the public. 

The good news is, that you are not asked to fill out the loan forms. Just get the app download, register yourself, and get a loan with instant clicks. 

How simple!

In addition, you can say it is an advantage to have a bank verification number. Yeah, it has made the loan simple to get. The famous companies that are offering quick loan include; LoanSpot, Paylater (now Carbon), QuickBucks, Palmcredit, KwikCash (now Migo), Page Financials, PayConnect, SnapCredit, Sokoloan, Quick Credit, FairMoney, and others. 

Note that, all these companies offer loans based on different requirements. Some offer multiple loans at a time while others have restrictions in this scenario. 

Link your phone number to BVN. Why?

You know, the main aim behind the introduction of BVN is security. So, linking your phone number to BVN is also for security purposes. Yeah, it keeps your banking information safe and secure. 

Collectively speaking,

Linking phone numbers to your BVN ensures your safety and keeps your money secure from fraudulently. As a unique identifier, BVN offers a safe pathway for making transactions while accessing your account. So, this number needs to be kept private. 

The best part,

The Central Bank of Nigeria ensures an additional layer of safety for secure transactions. Explore exclusive features like biometric authentication by linking phone numbers with BVN and enjoy transaction ease.


You are welcome to access A to Z banking products with great ease and say goodbye to the complicated password. So, link these two numbers and enjoy smart banking with enhanced security.

Last but not least, you can track your transactions and financial details with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BVN the same for all banks?

A bank verification number is a unique set of digits that vary from user to user. Generally, it is an 11-digit code that is the same for the same individual. 

How long does it take to get a BVN?

After registration, it takes one or two days to get a bank verification number. After issuing this code, you must keep it secure as this number is lined with your personal information.

Can I have more than one BVN number?

BVN is a unique set of digits that uniquely identifies you across Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda. Therefore, a single person can have one code for transfection in multiple banks across Nigeria. 

Final Words

After reading this article, we hope that you have found a detailed answer on how to check BVN. Whatever the method is, the most important point is to use the official channel and privacy of your personal information. Keep in mind, that you must protect your BVN and never share it with anyone. 

Obviously, it is the most important code in the banking and finance sector that encodes your personal information. In addition, the user can find the necessary information when needed with simple steps.