How To Check BVN On First Bank | 6 Ways to Know

If you’re a customer of First Bank, knowing How To Check BVN On First Bank is very important. It’s a key part of your banking identity in Nigeria. This guide makes it easy for you to find out how to check your BVN on First Bank using different methods. We’ll cover quick phone codes (USSD), the First Bank mobile app, online banking, ATMs, and visiting a branch.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a distinct 11-digit identifier allocated to every banking client in Nigeria. It was initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to diminish fraudulent activities in the banking sector and to encourage broader participation in financial services.

Our simple, step-by-step instructions will help you easily get your BVN whenever you need it. Understanding these methods will make your banking experience smoother and more secure.

How To Check BVN On First Bank

I’m excited to share various methods to check your BVN at First Bank. Whether it’s through your phone, online, or in-person, I’ll guide you through each step. You’ll find these ways simple and convenient, tailored to fit your banking needs.

Using USSD Code

A fast way to get your BVN is by using a USSD code. Just dial *565*0# from your phone. This works on any phone and you don’t need the internet. You’ll see your BVN on your phone screen right away. This might cost a little bit of money, but it’s very quick.

bvn for first bank

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First Bank Mobile App

The First Bank app is good for checking your BVN on your smartphone. Log in to the app and look for the BVN section. Here, you can see your BVN. This is great for people who like using their phone for banking. Make sure your app is the latest version for it to work best.”

Visiting first bank website

If you use First Bank online you can check on first bank website. Log into your account on the internet, and check your profile or account details. Your BVN will be shown there. This way is good if you like using your computer for banking and have internet access.”

Using first bank  ATM

You can also see your BVN at a First Bank ATM. Put your card in the atm machine, ,type your PIN, and choose ‘BVN Inquiry.’ Then, your BVN will show up on the screen. This is useful if you are outside and need your BVN fast. Be careful to keep your BVN private when you use the ATM.”

Visiting a Branch

Another way is to go to a First Bank branch. Ask the people working there for your BVN. They might ask for your ID to check if it’s you. This way is good if you like talking to someone for help or don’t use computers and phones much for banking.

Customer Service

You can also call First Bank’s customer service hotline at 123333 from within Nigeria or +234 708 063 5841 from outside Nigeria. A customer service representative can assist you in retrieving your BVN after verifying your identity.

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Tips to Keep Your BVN Safe

  • Don’t Share Your BVN:
  • Keep your BVN private. Only share it when absolutely necessary and only with trusted sources.
  • Be Cautious with Phone Calls and Messages:
  • If someone calls or texts asking for your BVN, even if they say they’re from the bank, be careful. It’s better to call the bank yourself to make sure.
  • Know the Bank’s Policy:
  • Remember, banks usually don’t ask for your BVN over the phone or via text. Knowing this can help you spot scams.
  • Act Quickly if Your BVN is Compromised:
  • If you think someone who shouldn’t know your BVN does, contact your bank immediately to protect your account.
  • Regularly Check Your Account:
  • Keep an eye on your bank statements and account activity. If you see anything unusual, report it to the bank.


Checking your BVN with First Bank is simple and can be done in several convenient ways. Whether you prefer the quick USSD code, the mobile app, online banking, an ATM, or visiting a branch, each method is designed to make your banking experience smoother. Remember, keeping your BVN secure is as important as knowing how to check it. By following the tips in this guide, you can manage your BVN safely and efficiently. With these tools and knowledge, you’re set to handle your banking needs with confidence and ease.


What if I dial the USSD code for BVN and nothing happens?

If you dial the USSD code and nothing happens, it might be because your phone number isn’t linked to your First Bank account. You should make sure you’re using the right phone number. Sometimes, it could also be due to a network issue. If it’s not working, wait a bit and try again. If you’re still stuck, you can call First Bank’s customer service for help.

I tried checking my BVN through the First Bank app, but it shows an error. Why?

If you’re getting an error on the First Bank app, it could be because the app needs an update. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. If it still doesn’t work, check your Internet connection. If your Internet is weak, the app may have trouble. If nothing helps, you can contact First Bank’s customer service for assistance.

Can I check my BVN online if I haven’t registered for online banking?

No, you can’t check your BVN online if you haven’t registered for online banking. You need to sign up for online banking first. It’s like getting a membership to access a club. Once you’re registered, checking your BVN online is easy. Online banking gives you access to First Bank’s online services.

What should I do if the ATM doesn’t show my BVN?

If the ATM doesn’t display your BVN, make sure you’re following the correct steps. It’s like following a recipe – you need to do everything right. If you’re doing it correctly and still facing issues, the ATM might have a problem. Try using another First Bank ATM or consider using a different method like the mobile app or USSD code. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact First Bank’s customer service for assistance

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